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Underwater Sculpture Park - La Molinere
Sandy Island

If you fancy a boat and snorkeling trip around Grenada, Scuba Tech West Indies has a lot to offer.

From a snorkeling trip to the famous La Moliniere underwater Sculpture Park, to a boat trip to the fishermen village of Gouyave and  much more… you just have to choose!


one of the 25th world wonders according to national geographic

la moliniere underwater sculpture park

This incredible park has been created by Jason deCaires Taylor with the support of the Grenadian Government.
It has been built after hurricane Ivan hit the island in 2004 and greatly damaged the reef in the bay.
The idea behind this Underwater Sculpture Park is to help life growing back by bringing a support for the reef to be able to expand.
All the sculpture are life sized and have been casted from Grenadian people.
The beauty of this park is to see how much life is taken over the sculptures. It is very shallow - 5 metres/ 16 feet. So while you will take your snorkeling trip you will be able to witness: Christ of the deep, the Mermaid, the Nutmeg Princess, the Vicissitudes circle and much more.
Over 75 sculptures are on the park and more are going to be added at the Autumn 2023.
It is a must see when you are on Grenada.



On the North West of the island this typical fishermen village stayed authentic. It is situated in a beautiful bay where the coast is wild and lush.

Flamingo bay

Very shallow reef next to the Sculpture Park where you can witness the beauty of an underwater garden full of life.

Hog Island

Hog Island is a pretty hidden jewel. Only accessible by boat or by foot Quiet and peaceful during the week it is the place to lime during the weekend.

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